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When Not If Anymore Due To Climate Change, How Much Of The Mainland UK Will Be Lost In 25 Years, What Will Be Left?

The Whole Of The Planet Cares, But What Have The Powers That Be Done? Natures Revenge Perhaps For Destroying Her Planet And Maybe Us With It? (Too Many To Mention)

I used to always grab a paper for my hubby even after we split for a month or two out of habit, now I don’t bother with any there’s nothing in any of them for me and my kids, just soppy recipes using 50 ingredients and a cartoon for my teenagers, bit insulting really but who cares. SALLY B From Maldon

All We Do Is Talk About Covid, Have We Forgotten Brexit. ANDREW S From Coggeshall. (Where Exactly Are We On Future Trade Deals?)

I Cant Be Bothered With Any Newspapers Whose Front Page Is Always The Ten O’clock News From The Night Before. Surely “Newspaper” Means A Paper Full Of News, Not Opinions, Guesses And Assumptions. CHRIS E From Lowestoft (Aswell As Providing Puzzles We Also Gather Invaluable Market Research)

The Black Lives Protest In London Was A Disgrace, As Is All And Any Destruction To Our Past, Which Is To Be Learnt From, It Cant Change.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Assaulting Black Police Officers Is Disgusting, They Do A Job For Us All, Risk Their Lives, Regardless Of Your Blo*** Colour.

Malcolm X, Muhamad Ali And Nelson Mandela Would Be Turning In The Grave In Disgust For The Sacrifices Made.

Very Angry Man Of Colour, Black And Anonymous From Gants Hill, (Very Hot Topic, Perhaps A Piece Showing The Struggles, Riots And Deaths Between The UK And USA Over 80 – 100 Years Could Help To Put Things Into Perspective A Little? Basically Lost.)

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UK Newspaper Sales Have Halved In A Decade

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