"Innovate Or Stagnate" Berry Gordy Founder Of Motown With $800

UK Newspaper Sales Have Halved In A Decade!

Berry Gordy Had A Common Interest And Career As A Child Selling Newspapers.

He Also Worked At The Ford Motor Company.

Here He Gathered Insite And Inspiration And Began To Imagine How “Motor Town” Motown Could Adopt The Assembly Line To Artists Which He Did With Immense Success.

The Writers Credited For The Lyrics, Your Article And Factual Source.

Presentation Was Key, Polished, Professional Yet Uplifting As Your Articles Could And Can Be? Turn A Negative Into A Positive Where Possible.

UK Newspaper Sales Have Halved In A Decade

He Needed To Know His Audience And What They Were In Need Of. Present It In A Professional Way, A Stylish Way Ensuring They Would Always Come Back For More, Establishing A Very Unique Yet Personal Brand Which He Did.

He Was Amazed At The Production Line, Parts Assembly, How It Rolled Down The Line, Through Many Specialized Sections Where It Eventually Hit Quality Control.

Can We Suggest Your First Release “The Weatherman” A Daily Covid 19 Map For Your Readers, They Do Need This And Want It In Print.

If You Would Be So Kind To Mention Ourselves, Website And email Details, We Feel Confident We Can Help Each Other Through These Difficult Times.

Sunday UK Newspaper Sales Decline.
Sunday UK Newspaper Sales Decline
UK Newspaper Sales Have Halved In A Decade

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